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Leeds Lecture On Information, Digital Journalism And Hyperlocal

I’m teaching the first year Broadcast Journalists at the University of Leeds again this semester, and along with a series of practicals I gave them a lecture last week. It covered a few of the familiar themes I like to bang on about, including how journalists can make use of public documents, open data and FOI, the world of hyperlocal journalism, and some other trends in digital.

I also got a mention in for the new local TV stations due to launch later in the year, including Made In Leeds. Given the relatively low budgets the channels will have to play with, I imagine recent graduates like the ones I teach in Leeds and elsewhere may well make up the bulk of their staff.

Here’s the full presentation.

Leeds MA International Journalism Course, Lecture 4

My latest lecture to my international MA students at the University of Leeds was about hyperlocal news. It’s something I know a good bit about, having set up and run Saddleworth News for a couple of years, so hopefully I was able to give them an interesting perspective on this area of the media.

I explained to them that, while I learned a lot from running Saddleworth News, I was unable to find an answer to the problem of how to make journalism, and in particular websites featuring local journalism, pay. But then if I’d found that secret, something tells me I don’t think I’d have been there today giving a lecture!

Here’s the presentation: http://prezi.com/ckqvhfsdym7y/ma-lecture-4-university-of-leeds/

I’ve got one more lecture to give after Easter, and I’ve been doing a series of eight practical sessions teaching them practical journalism skills too. I’ve also been doing more teaching with the first year Broadcast Journalism undergrads, and I’ve got them all to find a local site in their hometowns to discuss in seminars later in the week, so it’ll be interesting to get their views on the value or otherwise of hyperlocal.

Government Announces First 20 Places For Local TV

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf59hxxBAeo]

A list of 20 cities and towns which could get their own local TV services in the next couple of years has been revealed by the government today.

The stations, which will broadcast using transmitters and be available on Freeview, are likely to be on air in late 2013 or 2014, providing a possible source of graduate-level employment for current first year journalism students.

This new Local TV framework is the big idea of Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt. After my experience of doing web bulletins for Saddleworth News (above) with the students from The Oldham College, I’ve been invited to a couple of events with Mr Hunt in recent months where he’s discussed the plans. I was impressed by his passion, if not the detail of the proposals.

I favour avoiding the traditional TV paraphernalia and investing the available cash, which is coming from the BBC licence fee, in improving broadband. Soon enough, IPTV technology should allow 200 or 2,000 ultra-local TV stations delivered to your telly over the internet rather than over the airwaves. I’m worried the Freeview-based services may become obsolete not long after they’re established.

Anyway, I can’t say ‘nobody asked me’ because they did. And they ignored me. Sucks to be me, eh?

I wrote about this in a bit more detail earlier this year, and you can read my article on Ed Walker’s blog by clicking here.

Introduction To Hyperlocal

I gave my first lecture of the term today. It was an Introduction to Hyperlocal session for second and third year Digital Journalism students at University Campus Oldham.

It was a presentation followed by a discussion, and for the lecture part of the class I made use of the very whizzy Prezi for the first time. I was impressed by how easy it was to build an admittedly basic presentation on Prezi, although  I was merely converting slides which I’d already created in PowerPoint, so perhaps that made things easier too.

Anyway, here’s the presentation: http://prezi.com/8tpfgdpznect/introduction-to-hyperlocal-october-2011/

It was aimed at students who may have little or no knowledge of the hyperlocal sector, so most of the content will be familiar to anyone who already follows it.

As well as talking about Saddleworth News and the hyperlocal scene more generally, I also threw in a bit about Jeremy Hunt and his much-discussed plans for local TV. If those stations ever come into being, I imagine it’ll be students like the ones I taught today who may make up much of the workforce.