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Embedding Notes From Findery

One of my notes on Findery, complete with embed code.

I’m a fan of Findery, a start-up which lets you create notes about anything you like, then post them at locations around the world on a big online map. Writing little tidbits and leaving them for other people to find is fun, but more fun is simply moving through different parts of the map and discovering what others have posted. The standard of notes is generally high, ranging from the deeply personal to the fascinating to the completely random. The site itself works smoothly and looks good, which makes the whole process quite satisfying.

Having spent most of the year in private beta (and going through a name change from Pinwheel for legal reasons), Findery is now open to the public. It’s steadily rolling out new features, the latest of which is the potentially very useful ability to embed notes on third-party blogs and websites.

There’s now an embed code beside each note, but seeing as it uses iFrames and this is merely a blog, I can’t demonstrate it here. So a screenshot will have to do instead. The note was from my trip to the Manchester Science and Industry Museum today. I aim to educate as well as entertain, clearly.

SMC_MCR December

Alan Davies is among the well-known figures to have apologised to Lord McAlpine.

Social media and the law is the topical matter up for discussion at next month’s SMC_MCR on Tuesday 4 December. Media lawyer Steve Kuncewicz, Pirate Party UK leader Loz Kaye (still the only party leader to have visited my (old) house) and journalist Iram Ramzan will be on the panel for the event at The Northern pub in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

We’ve seen both criminal and civil cases arising from tweets in recent times, with lawyers for Lord McAlpine currently pursuing individuals who falsely linked him to allegations of child sex abuse following the now-infamous Newsnight report of 2 November.

Full details are here at the SMC_MCR website. I make it along to these monthly events when I can and they’re always interesting and thought-provoking, and this one looks like it’ll be particularly good. It’s also free.

On ITV News

(picture: ITV Daybreak)

I was on the news this week. Since I became a stay-at-home dad three years ago, I’ve often been used as a case study by friends of mine in the media, to illustrate all kinds of stories. On Monday it was an old colleague who now works at ITV, keen to get my views about the latest changes to parental leave for Daybreak.

The slightly odd thing about the experience was that, while one video journalist came round and did the usual interview and filming-of-my-daughter-looking-cute on Monday afternoon, it ended up being used four times by ITV the following day, in four different packages, voiced by four different reporters (none of whom was the one who actually did the filming). It went out in the Daybreak Newshour, then again in Daybreak proper as a lead-in to their interview with Nick Clegg, who was announcing the policy (I taped the show and watched it later, I may have a young toddler, but even I’m rarely up at 6am unless I have to be).

A flurry of texts and tweets told me I was on again in some other report during the ITV Lunchtime News, then more messages alerted me to the fact that an extended piece based around my interview had gone out in Granada Reports. I caught it on ITV+1 (watch it here), and was most amused by the use of my wedding photo, rather as though we’d been killed in some hideous accident. It also featured my daughter eating a sandwich in a surprising amount of detail, but perhaps Granada was a bit light for material on Tuesday evening.

The full ITV News coverage of the story, on their blog-style website which I must say I like using, is here. I wrote about it on Like Father, Like Daughter too.