More Hyperlocal Thoughts For The BBC College Of Journalism

ImageThe second of my two articles for the BBC College of Journalism blog on my experiences with Saddleworth News is now online.

It’s largely about how I went about trying to sell ads to help fund it, and I offer some conclusions on what I think I learned about the financial viability of professional-standard hyperlocal sites.

You can read the piece on the BBC College blog by clicking here. There’s also an interesting discussion in the comments below.

The first article, published here last month, was all about the editorial challenges I encountered while running Saddleworth News (which I’m delighted to say is still going strong under new editor Stuart from Uppermill!).

Both pieces are taken from a chapter I’ve written from a new book, What Do We Mean By Local?, which has been edited by Neil Fowler, Ian Reeves and John Mair. It features a wide range of people from across the local and regional media having their tuppenceworth on various aspects of the state of our industry.

There’s more information and details of how to buy the book here.

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