Hyperlocal Thoughts For The BBC College Of Journalism

I’ve written a chapter about my experiences with Saddleworth News for a forthcoming book on local journalism, and you can get a preview of it today.

Part of it has been posted on the BBC College of Journalism site here.

A second piece will be posted in the next few days, focusing on my thoughts about the financial sustainability of hyperlocal journalism.

The book itself is called What Do We Mean By Local? and has been put together by Neil Fowler, Ian Reeves and John Mair. It features a wide range of contributions from across the industry, and comes out on 27 March.

You can read more about it in a Hold The Front Page article here. There’s also a preview of a chapter by Chris Oakley on Jon Slattery’s blog here.

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  1. This is really interesting. I’ve started a beta version of a hyperlocal website, EnergyRoyd, about energy and climate change for the Upper Calder Valley and am trying to figure out how to develop it, so it was good to come across this,

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